Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Photos of food

I don't rate myself as a great photographer - of food or otherwise.

People look the wrong way when I come near them with a camera. I chop off arms, legs, the tops of heads, with scant regard for my dreams of giving out one of those glossy family calendars with a different charming picture of us (well, the kids) each month as Christmas presents: I have the same dream every year - a dream that gets ever more remote with each incomplete image that I capture.

I do try to make sure the pics I put up here are reasonable, but I look at some other people's blogs and sometimes wonder why I don't just give up now. Part of the problem may well be that I am always making food that I'm about to eat, and there's only so long you (or your family) can stand waiting for it to cool down enough to take a photo of it...

I also take far, far too many pictures of food. My camera is full of food that I have cooked but never got round to blogging about.

In the general spirit of clearing out that is upon me at the moment, I cleared out my SD card, and had a little play on PicMonkey which is a new thing I have discovered to make collages and edit photos. It's lots of fun. You probably knew about it already.

Anyway, here are a few of my unused photos, turned into a collage. How clever is that?


  1. I am exactly the same! Phone full of food photos but nearly always (drunk and) about to eat... no time for composing! Thanks for the heads up ib pic monkey, will give it a shot. PS try snapseed... x

    1. Ah yes. Alcohol often has a part ot play - but usually in the extra rubbishness of the pictures... Snapseed is something else I'd never heard of... Will check it out x

  2. I have hundreds and hundreds of photos of food, it's embarrassing! Had a good cull last week...


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