Sunday, 10 November 2013


I've been up early.

Today, as many in the last few weeks - there's a lot on my mind.

We have news, and today's the day we tell the children.

The news must wait till after Remembrance Day parade, though. Perhaps, somehow, the message of what others have been though, and continue to go through, in the name of their country, of freedom, of stabilisation and humanitarian aid, will help them put the news, when it comes, and as they digest it over the next few days, in perspective. 

I suspect not.

I peel shallots, dice vegetables, brown meat. I take extra care to make sure the flavours are right: rosemary and bay, a couple of anchovies, wiped of oil and snipped up, hopefully to melt in to the gravy. The slow cooker is on, and there's a crumble to prepare. 

Nothing fancy:  comfort food, familiar food. 

Food that will tell them that they are loved.

Uncomplicated food that we can sit down and eat without really thinking, so we can concentrate on telling them the news.

Wish us luck.


  1. I hope it's good news.
    Good luck anyway.

  2. this is very cryptic and sounds ominous... I suspect the news in not good so I really do wish you luck and send love and kindest thoughts to you and yours x

  3. Thanks all for your good wishes. In fact it's good news really, although we were really worried about how the kids would take it. I was also quite tired this morning when I wrote this, and have been thinking all day about how I should have been more upbeat, but haven't been around to amend it. Anyway, I really appreciate your kind thoughts and messages, and I'll be providing more details soon :-)


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