Sunday, 10 November 2013

And the news is...

So, all things considered, the kids took it pretty well.

There were tears. There were cuddles. "My life will be ruined". It was to be expected. The life they know and love is about to change. It was hard to do that to them.

The Husband and I were positive and upbeat. That bit was easy, because despite it all sounding terribly ominous in my last post, for which I realise I should apologise, the news is very exciting:  we're off to the Welsh coast for 3 years. 

Of course there will be challenges. But the Husband is being transferred with work. I work freelance and can transfer what I do easily. We have the opportunity to spend some time in a glorious part of the world. We can live by the sea. What's not to be excited about?

I realise that it's possibly not everyone's idea of a good time, but for us, it represents a bit of a dream - and an opportunity to live a lifestyle that we've long hankered after.

We've talked about it a lot today, and it's all been good. I might dare to say that the kids are on the way to being excited about it too.

Watch this space!


  1. Oooh, sounds like an exciting adventure. What a wonderful place to transfer to though.

  2. Hi just fond your blog which I love by the way but bloody hell reading the last post i assumed there were untold horrors to impart not fantastic news of an exciting onward and upwards move no wonder the kids were freaked have to say I am very jealous sounds a lovely and exciting time ahead look forward to reading about it.

    1. Jane - I know - I was feeling very apprehensi ve on Sunday morning about telling them, and the post was very ominous, but I've left it up there be cause it was how I was feeling. But now we can be excited.

  3. Oh that is so exciting! Living by the sea in such a beautiful area, I am jealous. Every time I come back from camping I feel trapped and want to rush of and live in the countryside and I especially love Wales - North or South? Loads of great camsites for you to visit. Uprooting everyone is of course nervewracking but I'm sure there will be lots of positive outcomes. Good luck!

    1. I feel liek that coming back from camping too - at the moment,m this feels like we'll be on holiday for 3 years. although i know it won't be like that. I LOVE the sea, and I am really really excited about the move. We'll be somewhere on the north pembs/south ceredigion coast...

  4. Brilliant news!
    Not everyone has the chance to live by the sea, mostly because the jobs are elsewhere. This is a fantastic opportunity, lucky you !!

  5. In my experience, it's the children that adapt better than we do! Good luck with it all, how exciting! :)


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