Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Ok it's 'meme' time. I have been tagged so here we go...

The idea is I answer the 11 questions set by the lovely Single Married Mum, then make up 11 questions of my own and tag another 11 people to answer them and so on.

So here are my answers to her questions:
What word/phrase would you ban?

“But Mummy....” (banning this includes banning the whingey tone and snivelling that usually accompanies the words)

 Ultimate comfort food?

Unfortunately for me, all food tends to be comfort for me. I quite like to be one of those people who stops eating when they are stressed but no. A roast dinner probably wins overall, provided there is lots of proper gravy (sorry no bisto for me), and crumble for pudding, with custard.

Whose life would you like for a day?

In all seriousness, at the moment, my dog’s. I would dearly love to understand how his brain works. Otherwise, Fiona Bruce. She gets to read the news and present the Antiques Roadshow. She is intelligent, smart and strikes me as being an excellent human being. And I want to know how she raises her eyebrows like that.

Best ever bargain?

I got a great deal on the Prosecco I bought for my birthday party.

Worst ever holiday?

I have to say it – our honeymoon. Not the one we had immediately after we got married, when we snatched 3 days in Barcelona before the Husband deployed to Bosnia for 6 months, but the 2 weeks all inclusive in Kenya we had when he got back. He returned, we moved me out of our flat in London into married quarters on the outer edges of Salisbury Plain (a comedy of errors in itself involving 2 white vans and an ironing board – remind me to elaborate one day), and then went on holiday in the space of about 4 days. We were both exhausted and although nothing bad happened, we just didn’t make the most of it. That, or the Mark Warner sailing holiday in Turkey where by dint of the fact that we hadn’t read the small print, and the Army telling us when the Husband could take his holidays, we ended up the only DINKY couple in a family resort in the middle of the school summer holidays. We drank. Alot.

Lark or owl?

Lark, mostly, although I seem to be shifting away from being a lark while not necessarily embracing the owl that may or may not be in me somewhere – so mornings are getting harder while evenings...

Most loved item in your wardrobe?

I have a blue silk shift dress from the 1950s that was my Granny’s. It is gorgeous, with beading around the neck line, just the right colour for me. I wore it to my brother’s wedding a few years’ ago, after I’d lost 3 stone, and felt amazingly glamorous (which is a very rare thing for me). I am hoping to shift half a stone over the summer to be able to wear it to another wedding in September.

Beach or mountain?

 Definitely beach, but active walking by the sea, building sandcastles, swimming, sailing, diving beach. I only really like sitting on beaches on still, clear, crisp, winter days – especially the beaches on the Jurassic coast where you can lie on the stones and listen to the water washing on to the beach. It’s a special type of calm.

Most annoying habit?

Nail biting. And finishing off the Husband’s sentences for him. My Dad does it to me and it drives me INSANE, so why I can’t stop myself doing it back, I don’t know...

The nail biting. Well, between the ages of 12 – 15, I progressed smoothly from thumb sucking to nail biting to cigarettes. I finally kicked the fags well and truly about 5 years ago, but the nail biting has crept back in. I only bite one finger nail – the middle one on my left hand, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop.

Favourite subject at school?

Top blogging tip?

Keep going but don’t be afraid to do something different every now and again and see what happens.

And here are my ELEVEN questions, you lucky people:
Wham or Frankie Goes to Hollywood?
Dog or Cat?

Nigella or Delia?

Silent Witness or CSI?

Thomas Cook or Internet?

TV or Radio?

London or Paris?

If you could choose any 6 people to come for dinner with you (living or dead) who would you choose and why?
What would you cook?

Favourite book when you were a child?
Earliest memory?

p.s. sorry about the formatting... not sure what happened there!


  1. Great list and thanks for doing it. Totally appreciate how much time it takes! (especially things like copying in all the links)
    Love your holiday stories. A break away straight after a tour always sounds fab, but never lives up to that picture you've had in your head for six months! Just too tired.
    I am not a nail-biter, but I'm surrounded by them ! x

    1. It was thinking up my own questions that probably took the most time - I needed a few dog walks to sort them out in my head!

  2. Thanks for tagging me recipe junkie but this is my first meme ever and I'm not sure what to do. Do I just copy it into a post and answer the questions? Thanks

    1. Hi Yellowfields, yes, write a post on your blog where you answer my questions, set out your own 11 questions and list the bloggers you would like to see answer them! You can include the bit at the top about the 'rules'

  3. Wow, great questions! Will have to have a think ....

  4. Thanks Recipe Junkie. Great questions!

  5. Well, I might have done things a bit in a topsy-turvy way... I have answered the questions, set new ones and posted the lot. Now I need people to tell me I can tag them...!


  6. Suffering guilt complex for still not having completed the meme. I had nearly finished the post, thought I would save it and publish in the morning, but when I came back next day it had only saved about a quarter of it! So need te re-write it- hope to do so this evening!

    1. oh no! Hate it when that happens. I have been away (camping in Cornwall) will catch up with your post later.

  7. Thank you so much for tagging me, am uber flattered, but have made a boo boo. Although I have answered your questions, I havent tagged 11 people or thought of 11 more questions. A complete cop out I know. Don't hate me for it. Will try better next time when I am more in the know.

    1. ha ha! don't hate you for it at all. Sorry didn't respond sooner - have been away for the weekend. I am very behind on reading so will catch up with your post later. And don't worry about not asking questions/tagging - it's only a bit of fun!


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