Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Carrot hummus

Did you think I had abandoned my pilgrimage through Veg Everyday? This is so typical of me - to leap on a band wagon and get all fired up about something only to have my head turned by something else. A few months ago I was cooking from Veg Everyday with almost evangelical fervour (apart from the sweet potato gratin).

Well, it's still there on my favoured shelf, and still forms part of my meal planning, in case you were wondering. It's also pretty good for last minute 'what shall I cook with this' type of things.

On Monday, I was hosting the post school/pre-cubs hordes. On the menu - hot dogs, potato wedges and baked beans. I was going to provide the veg in its easiest form - sliced carrots and cucumber, cherry tomatoes, raw for them to help themselves, but I realised too late that te carrots were on the soft side, and if I put out the cucumber and tomatoes, there would be nothing left for the packed lunches till the shopping came (which it did, as if by magic, this afternoon).

So what to do with a bag of carrots that are about to give up the ghost? The answer is carrot hummus . The link there takes you to some of Hugh's 'carrot recipes on the Guardian's website. the hummus recipe is at the bottom - it's the same as the one in Veg Everyday.

I pretty much followed it, having found the dregs of a jar of tahini at the very back of the fridge - this was a good job as I didn't have any peanut butter (which is the suggested alternative) and had already roasted the carrots in the oven as the potato wedges were cooking.

Apart from some initial minor faffing dry frying and crushing the seeds, and whisking up the glaze to roast the carrots in, it's a dead easy recipe, because once roasted, you just whizz everything up in a food processor. It's also very tasty, making a nice change from the traditional chickpea version. My kids loved it and dipped their wedges in it, although I would be lying if I said our guests displayed the same enthusiasm. The Husband and I also enjoyed it alongside the chorizo and lentil supper, although the Husband said he didn't eat as much because the chorizo was so good. Not bad for a bag of (almost) mouldy old carrots.

I am sure I could have done something inventive if there hadn't been any tahini or peanut butter. Roast carrot soup, perhaps?

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  1. I've been debating trying this, glad to see an opinion on it :) I love the book too and will be routing through your attempts at them now! You seem to have made quite a few of the ones I want to try.


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