Thursday 25 July 2013

Posh Poached Eggs for the big 3-0

I'm a relative newcomer to the Random Recipes challenge, but it's become bit of a fixture for me. I don't have any sort of pattern or routine to my blogging (you may have noticed), but I find myself looking out for the announcement post every month, and then getting my random recipe selected more or less straightaway in order to have a fighting chance of working it into a meal plan somewhere. You see while I'd love to spend hours in my kitchen designing dishes, tweaking recipes, arranging food beautifully on a plate and taking gorgeous photos, the reality is that the food that goes up here is what I've cooked to feed us, there's no room to re-make and take a better photo (or to take a photo at all if we were all so hungry that it got eaten before I'd got the camera out...).

This month, the 30th month of the challenge, the selection criteria for the recipe was the number '30' (Dom, you're so original!). 30th book on the shelf/ves of cook books, 30th page. 

At the time I made the selection, '30' gave me Posh Poached Eggs in a Cup from Leon - Family & Friends. If I made the choice another time, it would be different because the books don't stay in the same order, or even on the same shelves, depending on what I've been up to in the kitchen.

So, Posh Poached Eggs. "That'll be easy to squeeze in somewhere", I thought.

We ended up having it for lunch yesterday, the kids and I, another sultry day (the rain didn't reach us till late last night) when the last thing I wanted to do, really, was make a cheese sauce - or even poach an egg. The things I do.

So you make a cheese sauce using gram flour and butter, quite a lot of cheese and some truffle oil. I didn't have gruyere or truffle oil in the house, so cheddar and some nice olive oil had to do.

You fry some thin slices of chorizo till they are nice and crispy, and poach some eggs, then layer it all up in a cup.

It's delicious. Even Blue, who, as I have bemoaned before, normally avoids cheese sauce with a barge pole, and isn't massively keen on poached eggs, enjoyed it. Result.

The only thing I'd say is that the recipe in the book makes a huge amount of cheese sauce. More than you could possibly use feeding the 4 specified in the recipe, however hungry. The rest of it is in the fridge covered with greaseproof paper. Pasta bake for dinner tonight, then.


  1. Oh man alive do I want posh poached eggs for breakfast now (sin chorizo). I have the cookbook, I have the eggs... :)

    1. They were heavenly, and I do like a good poached egg

  2. Oh that sounds good! I do love a good poached egg, and any kind of cheese sauce! :D That linky sounds good too! :)

    1. It's a good linky - one of my favourites. Check it out!

  3. you see... it's like you were made for random recipes and random recipes was made for you... it's such a brilliant journey sometimes isn't it... you just never know what you're gonna get... I adore poached eggs done this way, so simple, so quick and so damned tasty... thanks so much for the entry xx

  4. I love the idea of chorizo and eggs together. MMm.

  5. I'm with you on the ever changing order of the cookery books! This looks really tasty - and pasta bake for dinner as a result is always a win too :-)


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