Wednesday, 10 July 2013

HamperGifts picnic hamper - a review

I have a dream – a dream in soft focus, where the sun is shining, the children are smiling, and we’re sitting on a beautiful rug in countryside so picturesque, it would make you cry. There's a shady river nearby. We’re dressed stylishly, everyone’s getting on, the dog is frolicking in the shallows with the children, but gives no hint of legging it to maul any local wildfowl that might be lurking on the lush riverbanks, and there’s a chilled bottle of white to be quaffed....

Did I say a dream? Mmm. May be a wildly unattainable hallucination, but you know, it just got a little closer.

And no, the dog is no closer to behaving like the civilised, well trained creature of my fantasies, and stylish is never a word that’s going to be applied to me, but in my dream, there is a beautiful picnic hamper full of luscious treats, and there, well, on that score, there’s a little reality creeping in.

I was approached by Hampergifts to see if I would like to write a review, and was allowed to choose a picnic hamper for 4 , which retails at £115. It arrived very promptly, and made me thrill with anticipation as I unpacked the contents.

A bottle of rather delicious looking Vipra Bianca wine from Umbria

Tin of Lewis & Cooper Savoury Biscuits

New English Teas English Afternoon tea

The wooden spoon preserving company High Dumpsie Dearie Jam

Wholegrain mustard

Olives et Al olives

Karyatis red pepper & feta mezze

Cottage Delights Aubergine & Mango chutney

Sesame & Tomato bites

Pearls Cafe flapjacks - honey baked and cherry & coconut

Traditional handbaked chocolate biscuits in a little hessian bag

2 boxes of chocs – truffles and mint chocolate sticks

All very exciting. Good quality products. Obviously if you were going for a picnic, you’d need to include your beautifully cut sarnies (smoked salmon and cucumber?), may be a handmade pasty to go with the mustard or chutney, a hunk of lovely cheese to go with the crackers, but that’s no problem because there’s loads of room in the hamper to include it all. We haven’t yet had the opportunity to try all the goodies, but what we have eaten has all been great: tasty, good quality, definitely a treat to eat, and I’d be happy to add in the extras that couldn’t come delivered in the hamper (the sandwiches etc).

The hamper itself is lined with suitably rustic, striped cotton, and includes plates, mugs and cutlery for 4 . It’s pretty sturdy and I think will last – you can purchase the hamper itself empty, so it’s not simply a vehicle for the food that comes in it, if you see what I mean.

As they say on the website – everything you need for a proper family picnic. Except may be the well behaved dog, stylishly dressed mother, non-bickering children...

If you’re interested in more hampers from Hampergifts, do check out the website, and click here for more food hampers.


Disclaimer: I agreed to provide a review, and was allowed to choose a product to review, but I was not required to provide a positive review, and the views expressed here are my own.


  1. Oh it sounds like a great moment - open that lovely bottle of wine!!
    Mary x


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