Monday, 24 June 2013

Delicious Marshmallows from Little Delicious - A Review

I'll cut straight to the chase. Marshmallows are not where I tend to go for my sugar fix. I'm more of a dedicated chocolate kind of gal. But all that might be about to change.

You see up to now, I have only know marshmallows of the pink and white kind. The kind you burn your mouth on after over-enthusiastic campfire toasting; the kind that don't really taste of that much other than sweet (or burnt if you eat them how I tend to - see above); the kind that are pretty good with chocolate in S'mores; the kind that you can play 'Chubby Bunnies' with (Google it. And buy in the wherewithal for mojitos. That's all I'll say on the matter).

But all that may be about to change. I have been enchanted some truly delicious marshmallows, made in Southampton, not that far away from me. 

They are heavenly. 

They are Little Delicious handmade gourmet marshmallows.

Lin at Little Delicious sent me  raspberry, passion fruit and caramel peanut heaven to try.

Everything about these is luscious. They taste of the flavours they are supposed to taste of - the raspberry ones in particular, but there was no fake flavour tang knocking around in any of them. And while my menfolk weren't so keen on the caramel peanut heaven variety, Pink and I were more than happy to finish off their share. 

They didn't last long, I have to tell you.

Divine light mouthfuls of loveliness. These are not marshmallows to be toasted, combined with chocolate and crackers or ... (no I told you - Google 'chubby bunnies'. I'm NOT going to repeat it here). These are marshmallows to be savoured. After dinner marshmallows. Real treats.

And the good news is that while they are stocked in a few Hampshire outlets, you can buy them on line. Oh yes. And in more flavours, too - lemon meringue, coconut, minto choc chip to name a few. But if you want a recommendation, well, I commend the 3 flavours I tried to you. 

Chocolate. my friend, your days are numbered...

Oh yes! Lucky me - I was sent the marshmallows by Little Delicious to review, but I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed here are my own. Try them, you'll understand.


  1. Oh. My. I'm also a chocolate girl, but these look just divine. ...

  2. How lovely! what a gorgeous treat and love the name of the company!
    Mary x

  3. These look delish. I've never thought of exploring marshmallows other than (sorry) sticking on hot chocolate for the kids. I can see this as the new trend.

    1. I think you're right - definitely a trend, although hopefully a lasting one! Good to hear from you - thanks for commenting.

  4. They look gorgeous... Especially like the look of the one with the stuff on the top...

    1. Oh yes... the peanut caramel ones. They were gorgeous.

  5. These looks really cute & yummy. Although not a great fan of Mashmallows these pics are really tempting.


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