Friday, 14 June 2013

Butterflied Bangers with Beetroot - or bread & butter. But no Brownie(s)

Did you see what I did there? I love a bit of alliteration.

So, according to Nigel Slater, there's lots of beautiful beetroot around at the moment, and he's not wrong. 

Beetroot has grown on me over the last few years, and now I really love it. It's delicious in a salad, or roasted as a side vegetable, and I've got my eye on this Balti which includes beetroot and cheddar in a kind of Anglo-Indian fusion curry. I got a great big bunch of it in my veg box this week, and curry aside, up on my Twitter feed popped our Nige as featured on the Guardian's website - a recipe for a sausage and beetroot type of pan fry: chunks of beetroot and carrot slowly fried with garlic and chopped rosemary, then add in chunks of good herby sausages to cook, and finally some red wine vinegar to finish off. Oh so simple.

I'd got my meal plan, sorted out on the basis of the contents of the veg box, and I was really keen to give the beetroot a bit more than the usual  treatment, so this fitted in perfectly. I'd also neglected the previous week's carrots so they'd ended up in a last minute carrot cake (noting wrong with that, but, you know, not necessarily the most ideal), so I wanted to give this week's carrots some love too.

I loved the idea of the sweet veg with the sausages - our butcher does some fantastic Cumberland bangers which always go down a treat. You get the idea. I was REALLY looking forward to eating this. 

I just shouldn't have attempted it last night when I was feeling grotty as you like with that most of English of things - a summer cold; when I was on a schedule to get the kids home and fed and turned around in time for Pink to go to Brownies at 6.

I should have known not to attempt something with no guidance as to cooking time, only suggestions for 'speeding things up' (i.e. use pre-cooked beetroot). My beetroot were small, so plenty of opportunity to get covered in red as I peeled them (no CSI gloves for me, Ms Lawson). I didn't start cooking early enough, and as the time approached to leave for Brownies, with Pink still not fed, I ended up having to 'butterfly' the sausage chunks (slice them down one side to open them out and cook the middles) in order to get them cooked properly for her to eat. 

And the potato chips I was making in the oven (I was baking bread at the same time, so the oven was on) hadn't cooked, so she had to have bread and butter... The rest of it had to wait on the stove as I dashed down the road to get Pink to Brownies.

Except Brownies wasn't on. In my befuddled summer cold induced haze, I had forgotten that it was cancelled.

By the time I got back home, with Pink in tow, the chips were finished, but everything else - well, let's say it hadn't necessarily benefited from sitting around...

Still good, but I'm willing to bet not quite as good as Nigel's... Better luck next time, hey.


  1. stunning colours and love a bit of culinary aliteration!

    1. The colours are beautiful aren't they - I love this pink stripy beetroot.

  2. I craved beet root when I was pregnant, but still in denial (long story) good thing they are a source of folic acid! ;0) point being I've liked them ever since!

    I'm always looking for new ways to eat them besides in salads and stuff! Thanks for sharing! I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets things!

    1. Do you know, I didn't crave anything interesting when I was pregnant - salt and vinegar crisps with the first and a particular type of goats cheese & watercress sarnie (that the canteen at work sold) with the second. Beetroot's a good one. I'd definitely make this again, just with a bit more time to spare!

  3. oh sounds familiar... having to rush off and leave the food...then coming home to something leathery looking. Sure it tasted good though, love anything with beetroot in it. Hope you're feeling better xx

    1. Thanks Tracey, yes much better, now! it did taste fine, although the garlic had overcooked so was a little burnt. I might leave it out next time, to be honest!

  4. Oh, I love beetroot so much, thanks for the link RJ, much appreciated x


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