Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Ho ho ho! Some blogging awards to go...

Well, if you read my post a couple of days' ago about the circumstances that led me to clear out the cupboards (unnatural behaviour at the best of times), you'll appreciate that the last few days have been a little bit strange. To tell the truth, I have mostly been in complete and utter agony since last Monday (over a week ago) due to what I now understand is called "Tempromandibular joint disorder" - or a bloody painful jaw. Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that after I went and cried again at the doctors' this Monday afternoon I managed to access the specially strong pain killers. I also had some acupuncture, and now I am high as a kite and almost pain free. Happy times.

I haven't been cooking much. I haven't even wanted to bake which tells you how bad it's been, although I did manage some mince pies. The Husband has been freezer diving (he's a brave man) and has found sausage casserole, chilli, and other delights to keep everyone fed. I have mostly been slurping porridge off a teaspoon. As a result, my usual blog fodder is pretty thin on the ground, but fear not! I have been sitting on a couple of lovely blogging awards for a couple of months now, and it's high time I got round to dealing with them, and passing on the blogging lurve, so here I go.

First up, I received a Leibster blog award from Ryan at Baked With Kindness . This is an award where I don't have to do anything other than to link back to Ryan's blog, to say thank you nicely and pass on the love to five bloggers with less than 200 followers who I appreciate and value. It's hard to tell exactly how many followers any one has, but please don't be offended if I pass it on to you and you do have more than 200 followers. Basically, this award means that I think that the blogs I've nominated are great. Thank you, then, to Ryan.

I also received a Beautiful Blogger award from Louise at Yummy Mummy? Really? . Thanks Louise - it was lovely to get the award from you. This award's a little more complicated because as well as passing the love on to 6 other bloggers, I have to tell you 10 things about me. Hmm.  So 10 things, that I haven't let slip one way or another in the course of blogging. 

Here goes:

1. I have a terrible competitive steak, and as a result, I am incapable of playing Monopoly in a civilised fashion.

2. I cry (indulgently) at any opportunity - I love a good cry. I cried at the film of Charlotte's Web on Sunday. I will be a mess when Pink and I read it (after I've given it her for Christmas) together. As I type this, I'm all ready to get the tissues out for the end of Last Tango in Halifax. I'm sorry if that means I drop in your estimation.

3.I once appeared on Tomorrow's World in full cycling gear, giving my comments about a new set of traffic lights.

4. The first pop concert I went to was to see Owen Paul at Leeds Polytechnic. Owen who? "You're my-ay-ay-ay-ayy - you're my favourite waste of time". Ringing any bells? May be not. 

5. After Blue was born. I had my colours 'done'. I am a 'brown summer' if you're interested and I have a little folder full of colours which I use on those occasions (not very frequent) when I buy  clothes. Yes really. I am not someone to whom the words 'natural style' could be applied, and it really, really helps.

OK still 5 more. This is hard. I think I'm going to have to get back to the foodie side of things.

6. I love jerusalem artichoke soup, despite the terrible side effect. If you don't know what I'm talking about, make a pan of jerusalem artichoke soup, and eat it. Just make sure that anyone with you in the same house eats it too.

7. The first thing I remember cooking is Coronation Chicken salad.

8.  If I absolutely had to choose between cheese and chocolate, it would probably be cheese. But please don't make me choose. I might cry (see 2 above).

9. The best meal I have ever eaten is probably the enormous steak the Husband bought & cooked for me when I came home from hospital with Blue. It was rare and wonderful. The best thing  ever after an emergency C-section and 5 days in hospital.

10.  Calamari and garlic mayonnaise. I could eat it forever.

So after all that, and as the tears roll down my face as Last Tango in Halifax draws to a close, here are the beautiful blogs that I am awarding both the Beautiful Blogger award and the Liebster Award to:

Single Married Mum her Hubbie is back from a year in Afghanistan but she's still blogging and I am so pleased. She is so creative and patient, and I love the way she writes about her craft projects, her charity shop finds, and family life generally.

Artypops OK confession time here, this is the blog of one of my friends in Real Life - the wonderful and brilliant Samantha Barnes. She's an artist, runs art classes for children and adults, and is brilliant fun. She has loads of great ideas about things to do with kids - again, arty and creative - and she's a devil of a drinking companion. 

and now on to the foodie blogs

I couldn't give out awards without including Sarah at The View from the Table . She's a great food writer and has just got married and bagged her very own column. Fabulous all round.

My next foodie favourite is Slice of Barnes . She bakes cakes and gets strangers to rate them - but her blog is so much more than that. She's very funny and her cakes are pretty amazing.

Next up is Annie Hall who writes at Scrummy Suppers and Quirky Cakes. She's a bit of a Good Food fan (or seems to be) like me, and is a whizz at the old fridge raid supper - lots of quick and easy but delicious meals on her blog.

Finally, Ruth at Makey-Cakey another great baker. I also love that she sometimes publishes posts which are photos of all the cakes/biscuits that she's taken but not yet blogged. It strikes a chord with me - I have hundreds of photos of unblogged dishes.

So there we go. Merry Christmas! 


  1. Aw - thanks!!!! I've never been given an award before :o) Hope the Christmas chaos in your household is occuring mainly at the enjoyable insanity end of the spectrum (jaw issues aside) - Merry Christmas when the time comes Rx

    1. No worries - I do love your blog. We've just had the final nativity thing this evening, 2 more days of school left, so tings are easing up and becoming more enjoyable. Just have to get through the weekend and the visit of a certain female relation from my husband's side of the family, and all will be well ;-)

  2. Hope your jaw gets better before Christmas - Turkey & Sprout Puree is no fun for anyone!

    1. Doesn't bear thinking about - the worst is the lack of alcohol - I could kill for a G&T at the moment. I'm confident it'll be OK by Christmas Eve

    2. Doesn't bear thinking about - the worst is the lack of alcohol - I could kill for a G&T at the moment. I'm confident it'll be OK by Christmas Eve

  3. what a fab post, and not just because you included me. I love the ten things about you. No wonder I've loved reading your blog! Hope the impressively long-named painful jaw heals quickly with the help of the kurt cobain strength drugs and you have a lovely Christmas. At least you have very tidy cupboards! Look forward to readng more in 2013. Jingle Bells xxx

    1. ha ha, Barnes - thanks for the Christmas wishes, and you too - hope you have a good

  4. Oh RJ, you are a lovely lady indeed! God, I hope that the jaw is sorted soon, I've been worried about it - honestly, I have. Pain killers yes but the root cause needs to be fixed. That crossed my mind this morning, once a mother.. Anyway, Tomorrow's World - in LYCRA! If I just happened to pop over to You Tube would I perchance find it??? x

    1. Ah, thanks Table. I am seeing a consultant this afternoon who will, I hope address the root cause - which is a misaligned jaw which I possibly clench in my sleep. Not that I am aware of it, but that's what google is telling me I must do... You'd have to look a long way back on You Tube to find it - you'd probably be wasting your time...Honest.

  5. Oh R, thank you so, so much and I'm sorry I've been a bit slow off the mark with this - thought I was sorted for next week, but obvious now that I'm nowhere near! Really hope it went well with the consultant and you've had the information and help you need.
    Can we meet up sometime in the new year and have Jerusalem artichoke soup followed by calamari? Love them both too, though might swap the garlic mayo for some chilli :) x

    1. Thanks, yes I had a good appointment - I'll update you offline, and definitely :-). We'll be heading your way I'm sure so let's get together.


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