Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Not Quite Veg Everyday - but trying: Cheesy peasy puff turnover

So I had 2 options for supper this evening. Take it or leave it... oh no – that was yesterday when I dug out a venison and rabbit casserole out of the freezer. “What? A real dead rabbit?” Pink looked a little horrified. So much for smugly thinking you’ve explained to the children about the food chain.

Anyway, today the choice (from my point of view) was either chachouka or a new thing cheesy peasy puff turnover, from Veg Everyday – one of the ‘store cupboard suppers’.  The Husband was due to be entertaining Americans this evening. He had been bemoaning the fact, until I opened the supper debate at breakfast, at which point he decided that actually he might prefer to drive 2 hours back to Heathrow for steak. Can’t imagine why...

As all the rest of the meals for the week – until Monday in fact - are already in the freezer on account of the fact that I am catering for the masses, starting tomorrow with the arrival of my French exchange and her family (yes, we got on and yes, we’re still in touch!), peaking on Saturday afternoon with the cake and fizz fest planned to celebrate my 40th, and lingering on into Monday when my parents, one of my brothers (and family) and the French contingent leave – I thought I’d go for the cheesy peasy puff thing because it would give me something new to blog about and the oven was going to be on anyway for bread and cake baking.

I think I have previously suggested that Hugh’s storecupboard might be somewhat differently stocked to mine (I haven’t yet found a recipe in Veg Everyday for 2 out of date tins of pineapple rings, something that might or might not be a can of Italian seafood salad and some lemon jelly circa 1995) but I may have been hasty. This is a great recipe and will definitely be reappearing on our menu.

hmmmmmm cheesy peas
I made it with my own modifications, and the kids just loved it. For some reason, Blue didn't mind the egginess (which I was worried about, I'll admit - I was even ready to offer HP sauce) and both he and Pink scoffed it down. Cue warm glow of good-mumminess all round. The only thing I would say is that making it in a rectangle like I did (Hugh makes a triangle but I'd rolled out the pastry before I read the instructions properly) meant that the 2 ends were short on peas and big on egg.

I did it with potato chunks also baked in the oven (heat up some olive oil on a baking sheet, spread out the potato chunks and turn them over in the oil and sprinkle with a little salt), and green beans.
In the end, the Husband appeared just in time to nab the last piece – he got an end which didn’t have any peas but some eggy cheesy filling. So much for steak - but as the kids had eaten all the potatoes, he got special privileges - oven chips...
Here's my version:
250g ready made puff pastry
100g frozen peas
50g mature cheddar

1 large egg

Pre-heat oven to 200c . Roll out the pastry (if it’s not already rolled) into a rectangle and carefully tip the peas in the centre, but spread along the length. Grate the cheese on top and some salt and pepper. Beat the egg, then brush along the edges of the pastry and then carefully pour all but 1tsp worth of egg carefully over the peas and cheese. It will run a little, so quite quickly fold up the edges of the pastry to cover the peas and make a parcel. Fold up the ends too and push down with a finger or the end of a fork or something depending on how pretty you want it to look. Brush the parcel with the last of the egg, place on a baking sheet and bake for 20 mins until golden brown.

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