Saturday, 14 April 2012

Biting off more than I can chew?

At some point during the last week, I realised that a week today there will be approximately 120 people at my house for what I was intending to be ‘afternoon tea’.

The phrase ‘biting off more than I can chew’ springs to mind.

I did KNOW this, but the full implications of this have only really hit home. I have invited people hence I will need to cater.

I googled ‘afternoon tea’. Dainty, individual bakewell tarts, slices of this and that. Sandwiches with interesting fillings. Cheese straws (apparently so). This, I am clearly not going to manage.

I am setting great store by the fact that there will be alcohol – in a fit of organisation a couple of weeks’ ago, I got this organised at least. With a wistful nod to our beautiful weekend in Venice (did it really happen?), we will be quaffing Prosecco. The helpful wine merchant is also going to provide glasses. Phew.

Tea? A quick word with the ‘facilities manager’ at school – the wonderful Mr H – has secured me loan of the PTA’s water urn. A friend of a friend will lend me her collection of tea cups and saucers. I am on the scrounge for teapots – I have 2, but I’m not sure this will really be enough...

And cake. Cake for 120 people.

The Husband evacuated the children and left me in the kitchen this afternoon.
spot the rogue ingredient...

 I love him. (The Husband - not Gordon)

2 tray bake bakewell tarts, 2 traybake lemon drizzle and 1 tray of chocolate and walnut brownie (from Domestic Goddess) later and I feel calmer. And almost in control.

 Allotment Junkie is going to make some chocolate ├ęclairs and ginger shortbread, and some of my lovely friends are going to bake 12 cupcakes each to fill 46 cupcake holes in my Lakeland cupcake stands.
I have been stashing smoked salmon when it's come up cheap and so there will be sandwiches. There will also be puff pastry swirl things - something a friend showed me: very easy. I'll post about them later in the week...


Now, about the weather...


  1. All looks lovely but you could save time and effort by getting 120 litres of Frosty Jack and 50 multipacks of Monster Munch. Cost-around £50. I don't even know 120 people.
    Hope the gin has been imbibed and enjoyed.
    Watch they don't steal anything-are you having security??

    1. well, I didn't realise I knew 120 people either but 30 families = approx 120 people, give or take... given that 60 will be anklebiting, Frosty Jack probably not appropriate, but will bear the monster munch in mind - especially pickled onion flavour.

  2. Mmmm cakes look very tasty! I love bakewell tart, have never made it myself yet though. Must try it!

    1. I recommend this recipe that I used for this - hope the link worked. It's really easy and delicious nad it freezes brilliantly

  3. Gorgeous cakes - I always do exactly the same, invite lots of friends and then have a mini panic but it always turns out well! I do sometimes supplement home bakes with Iceland party food packs, (savoury and sweet) they are great for helping feed the hoards but look nice too xx

    1. Thanks for the Iceland tip. I have been commandeering friends to bake for me - it will all be fine. Just praying and praying that it doesn't rain!


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