Friday, 16 March 2012

My top 5 cookbooks - on Friday 16th March 2012 at precisely 22.43

MMMMM a list of my top 5 cook books. Having survived the school discos, (well, 1.5 of them – Blue had to leave half way through the KS2 event due to being over-sweeted, and “...well, it’s been a hard week, Mummy, Friday night, you know...” and half way down a bottle of wine, I thought I couldn’t resist my first linky blog hop...
(1)    How to be a Domestic Goddess
Where Recipe Junkie began: Blue was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just over 2. I was 6 months pregnant with Pink.  As quick as you could say ‘blood test’, life as we knew it was over. In an attempt to gain a very tiny bit of control back over my life, I began to work my way through Domestic Goddess. I still haven’t baked everything, but I’m working on it.

(2)    Still on the Nigella theme, Kitchen

The woman may be a little annoying occasionally on TV these days, but she knows how to dish up the crowd pleasers. African drumsticks... spaghetti with marmite...South Indian Vegetable curry... not to mention her blondies. I will be cooking out of Kitchen for a long time to come.

3)    Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook

Despite the fact that I have neither a velvet Boden coat to do my gardening in, nor a close personal friendship with Emma Bridgewater, I find that when I am stuck with a glut and looking for inspiration, I will usually find it in here

(4)    River Cottage Veg Everyday/River Cottage Everyday

       Am I allowed to have 2 books as one choice? To be honest, I’d have any of Hugh's books but these 2 in particular have done a huge amount to change the way I cook lately. I’ve totally bought in to the ‘reduce your meat consumption’ ideal, and am having a massive amount of success. Who’d of thought my kids would actually request something like swede and potato pasties....

(5)    Baked in America

I’m so fickle. A couple of months ago it would have been ‘Short and Sweet’ by Dan Lepard, but I had a bad experience with the passion fruit melting moments and my current cake porn is Baked in America. I got a signed copy as an early birthday present, and so far it’s been nothing but deliciousness. Cinammon Loaf anyone? Oh yes please...

I could go on all night... but there are many more cookbooks out there and many more lists. Check out Kate’s blog . Thank you and goodnight.


  1. How have I managed to get to this age and stage of life without a Nigella cookbook? You've inspired me to do a bit of online shopping! Great list x

  2. I also have no Nigella but will do after seeing the amount of times her name cropped up in this Listography. I heard of someone else who took to baking as a way of seeing themselves through a personal trauma. Hope it helped you too. x


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