Monday, 19 March 2012

Another list....

I was looking at Kate's latest list. Dangerous. This List business. I feel myself getting sucked in.

I did the list last week – top 5 cook books. That was easy in a hard kind of way. This week a little more imagination is required – 5 reasons I know I’m... fill in the blank yourself

Kate’s chosen 5 reasons she knows she’s a mum. I have been pondering whether I could actually say that (a) I knew for sure that I was something and (b) that I could give 5 reasons that I knew that (if you see what I mean). A mum, perhaps? Well, I could only come up with one reason (or maybe it’s a symptom?) – I’m close to hysteria 90% of the time, drunk the remaining 10% (flexible ratio depending on the type of day I’m having to be honest). Same goes for ‘dog owner’ - although I could add a second reason that no longer applies to me as a mum  – I have poo bags everywhere. I’m no longer a lawyer, I haven’t been blogging long enough (in my opinion and in being in awe of those with infinitely more blog-credibility) to call myself a blogger.... Someone else has already taken “old fart” and she’s not as old as me. Aaarrrggghhh.
Anyway, as I was walking the hound up to school to collect the children, it came to me. Many, many reasons – hard to choose 5 in fact. And so, with apologies to ‘old fart’ (which I enjoyed reading muchly but whose list I hadn’t read until after I came back from the school run), here are my 5 reasons why I know I am turning into my mother:

1.       Wholemeal pasta. My mother has kept an essay I wrote when I was 13 about how hideous, how grossly unfair it was that she fed us wholemeal spaghetti. Guess what...

2.       Given the choice between shopping and a good long stride out over the fields with the dog, 9 times out of 10, I’d take the stride.

3.       I say things to the children like “Only boring people are bored”. And “good long stride”.

4.       Oh damn – I missed Desert Island discs...

5.       What? Out after 10 p.m.? Do we have to? I’ve got a new Maeve Binchy to read.


  1. LOL - I don't think we can help it - it just happens before we know it!!!
    Mary x

  2. I'm beginning to realise this - whether I can accept it or not is another matter! I loved your homemade McMuffin by the way - I've done BLT for mine so next time perhaps I'll try spinach and an egg and see what does. I walk my dog once I've dropped the kids at school - always improves my mood to have some sunshine and a great view. Looks like you're in a lovely place to be.


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