Friday, 9 January 2015

Come to my beach...

Come to my beach. 

As the sun is creeping up the valley, leave your 'to do' list, your rancour, your arguments, your fanaticism, behind. 

Step out onto the strand and breathe.

Come to my beach as the waves roll onto the shore, as the sand shifts, the pebbles chatter, the gulls wheel.

Feel the breeze on your cheeks, taste the salt on your tongue. Feel infinitessimally small and yet deeply cherished - for you are part of this place too.

Come to my beach and know that whether my God or your God created it, or whether it is simply the result of a happy scientific coincidence, this is a beautiful place, a place that is real, a place without hate, and that we are the same, you and I.

The power here is not laced with bitterness and cynicism, it does not come with kalashnikovs, with rhetoric, with disrespect or death threats. There is no reluctant respect here earned through cross words, secrets or lies, but a power and respect that comes from simply being as it should be. There is no side to the sea, no hidden agenda. It flows to the rhythm of the world.

Come to my beach and tell me your story. I'll tell you mine. Perhaps we'll find that we're not so different. 

As the sea whispers along the sand and the shells shift with every silky stroke, know that the universe is infinite. As the stones jostle with the movement of the water, know that working together without acrimony, without self, would achieve so much more in this beautiful world. We can disagree, we can believe different things, but surely, surely we can find common ground and move forward?

Come to my beach and leave the madness behind, yet return to the world restored and resolved to move forward in peace.

Come to my beach.


  1. As I read, Come to my Beach, I was there with you. In the beauty I wish others could see and find tranquility. Thank you for your word picture and sentiments. Doug

  2. Leave the 'to do' list? Really? OK, I'm persuaded. A beach at sunset - that's what I need.

  3. Hello Recipe Junkie,

    I read regularly your blog for many months now, and I would never have imagined that my first comment on it would be for something like that. But knowing your talent with words, and the feelings you express in all your posts, I was almost sure that I would find such a great piece on your blog today.

    From a french girl deeply in shock, as we all are here for the last few days, thank you very much for your beautiful and peaceful words. We need it so very much.


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