Sunday, 13 July 2014

Cardigan Pizza Tipi

Despite what I thought, I've been reluctant to write about any of the foodie delights that I've been fortunate enough to come across since we've moved here. Not consciously - consciously, every time I find another farm shop, market, cafe, I start mentally making notes, and yet it never makes it here.

May be I'm feeling like I have no right to comment: 

"Who does she think she is anyway, swanning in here, talking about our food?"

Perhaps I just don't want to share...

But no longer.

There is just too much fantastic food round here, and not enough people knowing about it, and that has to stop.

So first up is the Cardigan Pizza Tipi, 'hidden in plain sight' - as it were, at one end of the main street through Cardigan, on the bank of the River Teifi. Run by the Fforest team (much feted family friendly 'eco camping'), think woodfired pizza in a semi-al fresco, riverside venue, garden flowers in enamel pitchers on rustic tables, turn up and find a space, have a drink, cloud bread or gorgeous substantial 'pittas' and dips, a pizza or quiche, ice cream or cake for dessert - there's a carefully contrived simplicity about the place, very much 'of the moment', but who am I to quibble with that? If you want great pizza in Cardigan, this is the place to come.

Even on a slightly drizzly Saturday evening, it was a great place to meet up with some friends who had just arrived for a weeks' holiday in Newport a few miles down the road - space for the kids to run around (perhaps a little too much?), and the food is really fabulous. 

 Rather than an extensive list of pizzas, there were about 6 or 7 (I forgot to take a photo of the blackboard with them written on) and one special. Between us, we mostly favoured the 'Summertime' (which had been recommended to me) - chorizo, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, with Blue choosing the 'Maritime' (anchovies, capers and olives) and my lovely friend the Moroccan (roast lamb, mint, feta - I wasn't sure about it, reading the ingredients on the board, but on the plate - or rather, the wooden board - it was very good).


We also ordered some pittas and dips - oil & balsamic and hummus. The 'cloud bread' was still baking, but the pittas, warm, substantial, were no disappointing substitute.

For dessert, there's a small selection of cakes, baked in house, and ice cream & sorbet. the kids all went for ice cream, us grown ups had brownies and a jam, coconut sponge. The sponge was good, but not as good as the fig chocolate brownie. A piece of squidgy, chocolately heaven. I can't tell you how divine - the photos just don't do it justice...

All this for a very reasonable price, plus views of the river - even without the sunshine, it's a special place.


  1. What a fantastic place. They really do look like authentic Italian style pizzas too! :)

    1. It is great - possibly the coolest place I've ever eaten (apart from a restaurant built into a cliff on an island looking out over the Indian Ocean...)

  2. Mm those brownies! I like the look of the pizzas too :-)


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