Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Another day, another cup of coffee...

I'd say we're almost completely sorted after the move, except we still don't have broadband at home.

This is sorry tale involving much wailing and gnashing of teeth at a certain service provider, better known by its initials, but at this stage, I won't descend to public name calling. I'll just hope that on Thursday, normal service will be resumed.

In the meantime, I have been spending plenty of time in local cafes drinking lots of coffee, and making free with their wifi. Fortunately, there is plenty of wifi love round here. People know. They know what it's like to feel like you've lost a limb because you can't find out where the nearest, well ANYTHING is. You can't get in touch with people that you thought you were in touch with all the time. Giving up Facebook for Lent has been a it of a non-starter to be honest - I can't even get on it!

On the plus side, the weather is glorious, and the beaches are plentiful.

I'm discovering fantastic cafes and delis, gorgeous local producers - market gardens where you can get a massive haul of veggies for £6 (the PSB & bag of coriander alone would have cost that in Hampshire), utterly wonderful cheese, fish so fresh it's practically flapping, meat to die for (well, someone died for it)... the list is endless. And it will all end up here soon, I promise.

So don't go away (or not too far, anyway).


  1. Lovely pictures of the beach xx

  2. So jealous of your beach views. Hope all is well and you get the wifi up and running shortly! :)

  3. So glad it's all going well. Life is too short to deal with that company better known by their initials.. When we moved we were told by the locals not to expect "those London speeds" for our internet! Love it.


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