Friday, 1 February 2013

Forever Nigella 22 - Food to Cherish Your Loved Ones - the Round Up

Well, I knew hosting a Forever Nigella would be a great way to start 2013 for me, and I wasn't wrong. I've been introduced to some lovely blogs that hadn't read before, and some of my old favourites have also contributed.

First up, Caroline Makes... included this delicious Tiramisu from Nigelissima as part of a special New Year's Eve meal for her boyfriend. Like Caroline, I also received Nigelissima for Christmas but I'm yet to make anything from it. It won't be long...

Next, the lovely Annie from one of my favourite food blogs Scrummy Suppers and Quirky Cakes entered the Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake from Annie has made this cake on a number of occasions and it's never let her down - her cakes look pretty amazing, so I can see why she goes back to the recipe when she needs a cake to make someone feel special.

The great Miss Flash at Food Glorious Food  went down the bread route, taking inspiration from my favourite Nigella tome, How to be a Domestic Goddess. Based on a maple syrup and pecan loaf, Miss Flash made maple Syrup and pistachio loaf and mighty good it looks too.

Louise at Crumbs and Corkscrews, a blog I hadn't come across before cooked the most amazing looking flourless brownies from Nigella Express. She substituted white chocolate chunks and cherries for the nuts, and used Baileys in the chocolate sauce instead of camp coffee. Sounded like pretty good substitutions to me, and just the thing to cheer someone up after, say, completing the dreaded tax return....

Another droolsome chocolate cake next: Devils Food Cake from from another blog new to me: Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me. Doesn't it look wondeful? I know my family and friends would feel cherished if I served up something like that.

Another cherry & white chocolate combo (which happens to be a favourite of mine), this time in the shape of lovely Banana, Cherry and White Choc Chip Muffins made by Katharine who writes the beautiful Leeks & Limoni blog. Her muffins look totally scrummy, and I  embrace her philosophy for January which is "A little bit of what you fancy", rather than total denial, to get through the post-Christmas blues.

Choclette who writes the fantastic Chocolate Log Blog entered Parmesan Shortbreads which she made for a Christmas lunch which took place on 19th January as the result of a quirky family tradition.

Another savoury recipe, this time a gorgeous looking chicken tagine made by Jen at Blue Kitchen Bakes. She made this delicious looking dinner for her boyfriend. Lucky boyfriend, is what I say.

I couldn't host this event and not enter these myself. back to How to be a Domestic Goddess then, for the Norwegian Cinammon Buns. These are what I bake for the Husband, kids and any other family members or friends that need cherishing...

Stacy at Food Lust People Love made another Nigelissima soon to be classic - the Meatzza . I certainly remember Nigella making this in the TV series and thinking I would have to try it myself. Well if Stacy's version is anything to go by, this is going into my meal plan sooner rather than later.

Another Nigelissima recipe - this time a delicious looking chocolate mousse entered by the founder of Forever Nigella, Sarah over at Maison Cupcake. It looks totally rich and decadent - just the sort of thing to make a loved one feel cherished.

Finally, Sam at The Yorkshire Bakery entered some delicious chocolate cherry cupcakes from How to be a Domestic Goddess.

So there we have them - I think you'll agree all fantastic offerings to cherish your loved ones with - but then, that's one of the things Nigella does best, in my view...

The next Forever Nigella will be Nigella Nostalgia to be hosted by Urvashi at  The Botanical Baker


  1. I would feel very pampered if my husband presented me with Meatza!! Thanks for being a lovely host and I'm off to double check which of these super entries I've not visited yet.

    1. I know - it looks really good doesn't it - I know my kids would adore it too, confirmed carnivores & pizza addicts that they are...

  2. Everything looks amazing! I am going to have to start time managing better if I'm going to start participating on a regular basis!! ;0)

  3. Good old Nigella! this is a fantastic round up!
    Mary x

  4. This is probably the best Nigella round-up so far because you actually wrote a little blurb about each submission! Great hosting skills!

  5. A lovely round up and some great recipes! I'm struggling with oven problems at the moment and have found it difficult to do much baking, otherwise I would have entered! :-)

  6. Lovely, lovely. Am off right now to take a further peak at your cinnamon buns. Thanks for doing a fun round-up.


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