Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Forever Nigella 22 - Food to cherish your loved ones

Well, what a great way to start 2013 - as far as I'm concerned, anyway: hosting Forever Nigella on behalf of Sarah at Maison Cupcake.

My fondness for Nigella is not  a secret, and choosing a theme was a source of much internal wrangling. In the end, I have chosen "Food to Cherish your Loved Ones". This is not necessarily comfort food, but food which makes people feel extra special - be they your partner, your children, your friends. It's not necessarily dinner party food, but the stuff that really hits the button. 

Nigella has some great recipes for this - my personal favourites are the Sake Steak in Feast and the Norwegian Cinammon Buns from Domestic Goddess. They are very different dishes: the Steak is a sophisticated grown up treat which the Husband utterly loves, simple and quick to make, but melt-in-the-mouth gorgeous. The Buns are admittedly more in the comfort food vein, but they have established themselves in the Recipe Junkie household as the birthday breakfast of choice for my children. My brother will also consider whether to visit or not based on whether these are likely to be on the menu, and this event gives me the perfect reason to make them again soon, so I'll add my own post to the linky soon!

 So here's the beautiful badge for you to download and add to your own posts - the rules and everything else including the linky is, I hope, all set up and ready to go at the foot of this post. What are you waiting for? What do you cook from Nigella's repertoire to make them feel extra cherished? I can't wait to see! 

Those of you who have entered this before will know the rules, but you can find them on Maison Cupcake here and for ease, here they are:

Forever Nigella Rules

Event themes are announced on host’s blogs near 1st of the month and their rounds ups roughly 1st of the next month. Entries must have been published since 1st of that month. Archived posts need to be re-published afresh if you wish to submit an old favourite.
Blog checking lines:
Forever Nigella #[number] is hosted by [name] of [blog]. This month’s challenge is to blog any Nigella recipe [describe theme]. Forever Nigella is organised by Sarah at Maison Cupcake.

1. Blog your entry by the deadline including:
a) the current Forever Nigella badge
b) a link to this month’s announcement post
c) a link to the Forever Nigella page at Maison Cupcake: (NB this is a new URL from Jan 13)

2. Remember copyright.
You must NOT reproduce Nigella’s recipes verbatim. Tell us which book it is from and/or link to it online. If you adapted it in some way i.e. changed at least two ingredients or amended the method then it’s ok to publish the a recipe in your post but you MUST write directions in your own words.

3. Submit your post
Use the linky tool at the bottom of this post, or email the (that's me! cc’ed to

Tweet your post using  #forevernigella - if you tweet me @recipejunkie27 I will retweet any that I see.
Nigella resources
If you don’t have any Nigella books check out these resources online:
Nigella’s official site:
BBC Food:
Channel 4 Food:
UKTV Good Food Channel:
Food Network:
Daily Mail:

You are next!


  1. Thanks for hosting this month - I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with this for this theme.

    1. me too! And any opportunity to make the cinammon buns...

  2. That is a great theme! I'll have to try and get a post up soon.

  3. Happy New Year RJ! Hope you had a lovely festive time. I don't usually get around to linking things, I'm not good at that aspect of blogging but as it's you I think I'll give it a go x

    1. Happy New Year to you to - hope you've had a fun festive season. Ah - don't worry if you don't get round to it, I know what it's like, but I'd love to see what you would choose from the Goddess's repertoire!

  4. Happy 2013! Nice of you to organise this Nigella event. I love Nigella and hope to participate.

    We are organizing Cook like a Star with Nigella theme too and I have contacted Sarah to combine both events together for June 2013... not too sure at this stage. Let's see...


    1. It would be great if you could enter something Zoe!


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