Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Blackberry frangipane tarts

On Tuesday, I found the first decent blackberries of the season. Typically I was out with the dog and had nothing with me intended for blackberrying purposes, so I had to make do with one of the bags I carry around (I have at least one in every pocket I own, often more) to clear up after the dog. It hadn't been used for its original purpose.

I didn't get many berries, but enough to turn into a pudding and make the kids feel cherished (perhaps) after their second day at school. They seemed to be knackered already after their first day back. I should be used to this by now - it happens every start of term, never more so than after the 6 week break, but it's hard going. The Husband had been away since Monday morning as well, so the kids were missing him as well as trying to settle into their new routine.

Good then, that tea was a big hit on a number of levels. We had crispy potatoes (thinly sliced, new-ish potatoes, par-boiled, then roasted on a baking tray with a sprinkling of sea salt, olive oil and crushed garlic in a hot oven till crispy) green & runner beans and poached eggs, all of which came from the garden (smug meal - sorry!).

I based the tarts on a recent Good Food recipe, but as usual made a few little changes. I couldn't find the original on their website so I can't link, but it was in the September 2012 issue.They are very, very good.


300g shortcrust pastry
cherry jam (which is what I had to hand - raspberry would be nice, or blackberry if you have some)
100g soft butter
100g caster sugar
100g ground almonds
1tbsp plain flour plus extra for rolling out the pastry
1 large egg
drop of almond extract
blackberries - I used about 60
a handful of flaked almonds
icing sugar


Pre-heat the oven to 200C/180 fan/gas 6.

Flour your work surface and roll out the pastry. Using an 8-9cm cutter (or the top of a pint glass, like I did), cut out 12 rounds and use to line a 12 hole bun tray. Put about 1/2 tsp of jam into the bottom of each case.

You'll notice how I go for the 'rustic' look...

 Beat together the butter, sugar and ground almonds, add in the egg, almond extract and flour and continue to beat together till light and fluffy.

Divide the mixture between the cases - it's quite tight but you'll get about a heaped tsp, maybe a little more to each case. Press the blackberries gently into the top of the mixture - I used 4-5 per tart as they weren't huge - if you buy them you'll probably get bigger fruit so will need fewer - and sprinkle over the flaked almonds. Bake for 15-20 minutes till lightly golden.

Allow to cool and dust with icing sugar to serve if desired (pretty cake stand optional, but I got this for my birthday earlier this year and decided I hadn't used it enough - and isn't it LOVELY??).


  1. Another lovely bake, I like your step by step of how you made the blackberry tarts.

  2. I love pretty much anything with ground almonds in it. They look divine - especially on your gorgeous spotty cake stand....think I might just be looking out for one of those on my next CS rummage :)
    Hoping your husband isn't too far away? x

  3. Oh I like these, I love a bit of frangipane. Very impressed with your Good Life meal in general actually!

  4. What cute tarts, and I love that I get to use up ground almonds!

  5. These look great, and I love that I can use up my ground almonds!

  6. I always have ground almonds knocking about - love 'em

  7. How gorgeous do those little beauties look? I wonder if you could make one giant one from the same recipe - or from what you said about the filling, would I need to make one and a half times the above to fill a large case? Simply scrumptious!

    1. I think you could - I did think about it, but when I looked at teh trays I had (I was going to do it tray-bake stylie, and cut into bars) I thought I would need increase the filling and I didn't have enough eggs. Also, I remembered my cake stand and thought the tarts would look better, artfully arranged ;-)

  8. It is a lovely cake stand! Where's it from? Oh and the little tarts look yummy too. A


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